Those Pesky Snowbirds!

From time to time, you will see that I have referred to “snowbirds.” I should specify what I’m referring to when I use the term snowbird. If you check Wikipedia, there are several meanings for the term snowbird, for example:

  • an actual bird (dark-eyed junco)
  • a ski resort (Snowbird, Utah)
  • one of the Canadian Forces ‘Snowbirds’ (air demo team)
  • a song title by beloved Anne Murray
  • a northern resident of U.S. or Canada that stays for extended periods in the southern states

And add to that “a cocaine addict or habitual user,” (slang: Websters’s Dictionary) it’s a pretty versatile term. You can assume that when I use the term snowbird in this blog, I am referring to the ‘northern resident’ thingy (unless indicated otherwise).

OK, But What Does That Really Mean?

If you were to ask ten people “What is a snowbird?,” or, if you dare, “What do you think of snowbirds?” you would get some interesting interpretations and opinions. Some of the more ‘colourful,’ if not dispassionate, ones that I’ve seen are as follows:

  • Urban Dictionary: “disgustin gold people from northern states who wear speedos on our beaches. God help us all.”
    (me: Oh dear, God help their spelling and grammar, I say. And where are all these ‘gold’ people anyway?)
  • Phoenix New Times (: “10 Worst Things About Snowbirds”): “No matter where you go in the winter, there are snowbirds there, just . . . hangin’ out.” … ” if there’s ever a serious fire at any business in the Valley, we’re all going to be dead, thanks to snowbirds just standin’ around.”
    (me: This brings up a serious question: “Is there an overuse of hyperbole on the web?” I’ve considered this a million times)

Old Snowboid