Life is like a bell curve in some ways: you start out with limited skills and knowledge; you make gains in these areas (hopefully), then peak at some point; finally, these qualities diminish as we get old. Here’s my top ten list of why old men are like babies:

  1. Most of them have little or no hair.
  2. They will nod off at any moment (regardless of what’s going on).

  1. People say they’re cute, even when we know they aren’t.
  2. They slobber.
  3. They don’t know how to dress themselves.
  4. After they eat, there’s more food on the floor than in their mouths.
  5. Farts make them smile (but nobody else smiles).
  6. You have to stoop down to hug them (and they love hugs).
  7. They will interrupt your conversation and think nothing of it.

and the number one way that old men are like babies:

  1. Everyone is tired of their whining.

Am I right?

Old Dude