Old Dude’s Top 10

Do we stop caring what people think of us as we get older?
Here are my Top 10 signs that you’ve stopped caring (if you catch yourself either thinking or saying the following):

  1. “Let’s see, what color sweat pants should I wear to the mall?”
  2. “Darn it, I know I have 19 cents in my purse somewhere.”

  1. “Dear, I’m sure lots of couples will be wearing their matching shirts.”
  2. “Just three more practice swings should do it.”
  3. “These kids get paid plenty of money now; a 5% tip is fine.”
  4. “Why take my curlers out? I’ll only be out an hour.”
  5. “This waiting room looks like a good place to clean my dentures.”
  6. “My speedo will really show off my dark tan.”
  7. “I’ll just have one more for the ditch.”

and the number one sign that you’ve quit caring is:

  1. “If I park ON the line, no one will dent my doors.”

I don’t know if items ten and two are necessarily related to age, but if you’re old like me, you should know better.

If you’ve got more signs of the lack of caring, please share them with me (whether you’re actually guilty of them, or have just ‘witnessed’ this behaviour).

Cheers, beers,
Old Dude