Missing: Pair of Snowbirds from B.C.

Exploring Nature

Boss and I went for a hike today in Arizona. We thought “Let’s get away from the hubbub and crowds and explore nature in the desert landscape.” Or was it, “You’re pissing me off by getting in my space all day; lets get outa the house.”? (Maybe those were my words more than hers … but probably not.)

Anyway, we drove to the local mountain trailhead. As we arrived there, we noticed that a couple from B.C. parked next to us (at least, I’m assuming they were a couple; they looked extremely miserable and quite the worse for wear).

Canadian Snowbirds Eh?

As the two “whiteheads” * emerged from their car, we greeted them in the typical Canuck snowbird fashion:
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Conspiracy Against Canadian Snowbirds

Coincidence? I Think Not.

WTF is going on here? As the maximum number of Canadian snowbirds are residing in the U.S., our dollar is worth about the same as the Iraqi Dinar. Then, as we start heading home in early spring, the dollar rockets against the USD. You tell me: is that a coincidence?

Conspiracy Theories (or, ‘whom to blame’)

So, what is the cause of this disturbing situation? Who did it, how, and why?

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What Is A Snowbird?

Those Pesky Snowbirds!

From time to time, you will see that I have referred to “snowbirds.” I should specify what I’m referring to when I use the term snowbird. If you check Wikipedia, there are several meanings for the term snowbird, for example:

  • an actual bird (dark-eyed junco)
  • a ski resort (Snowbird, Utah)
  • one of the Canadian Forces ‘Snowbirds’ (air demo team)
  • a song title by beloved Anne Murray
  • a northern resident of U.S. or Canada that stays for extended periods in the southern states

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