(Notice how I’ve tactfully avoided the use of the term ‘shovel’ in the title as it might offend those people who regularly dish out the doo-doo.)

A Promotional Poster Spotted Somewhere in The Centre of Canada:

Toronto blue jays vs. Cleveland

They Don’t Use the ‘I’ Word in Toronto

News this week (from a reliable source) has it that Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth, after receiving a fan letter in 1992, has since refused to use the word ‘Indian’ in broadcasts. After he revealed that, other media have hopped onto the politically-petrified language bandwagon. The Jerry reportedly has also stopped using other terms such as ‘tomahawk chop’ and ‘powwow on the mound.’

Baseball is a Mine Field of Insensitive Word Bombs

Understandably, The Jerry would want to avoid hurtful language relating to race, gender, age, disability or sexual preference. In fact, a news report from a slightly less reliable source (cousin Gordie) states that The Jerry also refuses to use any of the following terms during a game to appease the sexual-language-sensitive viewer:

  • show bunt
  • backdoor slider
  • foul tip
  • frozen rope
  • push off the rubber
  • go deep
  • pitching from behind
  • got good wood
  • grand salami
  • high cheese
  • charging the mound
  • nice poke
  • nibble around the edges
  • shagging flies

There is no ‘Team’ in ‘I’

The ‘Team’ based in Cleveland isn’t the only abo-associated one dissed by the Phrase Persecutors. If the likes of The Jerry have their way, soon we’ll see proposals such as the following for alternative team nicknames:

  • Cleveland Native Americans
  • Atlanta Courageous Creeks
  • Kansas City Indigenous President & CEOs
  • Washington Rosy-Cheeked Aboriginals
  • Edmonton First Nations of the North

It will cost teams thousands of dollars in extra stitchery to put these names on their jerseys. Another not-so-reliable source told me that Jerry’s poor cousin, Johnny (The John) has an interest in Majestic Sportswear.

Did The Word-Weenies Forget Brew Town?

What about the Milwaukee Bucks? I haven’t witnessed any postulations or picketing by politically-petrified persons directed at the Bucks … (excuse me a second while I wipe off my computer screen of spittle) … for their derogatory nickname and—especially—logo.

It’s bad enough that this is a disparaging nickname for a male native American, but the logo pokes fun at the natives, what with the over-exaggerated ears, the ‘wild’ hair styling (that look like antlers) and the large nose.

Perhaps the Name Numbsculls were paid off in beer.

milwaukee bucks logo

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