Quirky? Or Bat-Shit Crazy?

Gamblers: Where is the Dividing Line?

OK, we all have our quirky superstitions or habits but some people cross the line into bat-shit crazy territory. Sometimes the line is fuzzy. For example, I have seen people:

  • talk nicely to their machine
  • swear at the machine
  • select a machine with a certain number on it
  • rub the side of their machine for good luck

OK, admittedly, I have done these things. I call it quirky. On the south side of bat-shit crazy.

… but sometimes the line is very clear (as in Ms. Rapper in the video)

What have you witnessed?


Anyone With Impaired Intelligence Can Post to TripAdvisor

In another fruitless attempt to avoid any meaningful activites (by making myself look busy on the computer), I decided to look at some TripAdvisor reviews.

Boss and I, when in Casa Grande, AZ (which is about 5 months every winter) have a favourite watering hole close to home: McMashers Bar & Grill. I try not to read other people’s reviews in case they influence my own weak opinions. But as I had just finished reading the rest of the internet and was bored, I thought that I would browse through TripAdvisor reviews.

McMashers Mashup

I came across some interesting quotes from customer reviews of McMashers. This selection left me more flummoxed than usual after I read them; they require further clarification or additional information, so I’ve added my comments in parentheses:

  • (a) “When we stepped in it was dark I could hardly see. Sports bar and fairly crowded.”; (b) “Only down side is that it is noisy.” (IT’S A SPORTS BAR PEOPLE. HELLO.)
  • “Lots of tvs and off track petting.” (I tried petting the blonde bartender, but she slapped me, so I’m not sure this claim is true).
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Parking Signs I Would Like to See

We’ve all seen the parking signs for the ‘special’ groups of people that somehow get the prime reserved parking spaces in public parking lots (shopping centres, medical offices, golf courses, etc.). These might look familiar to you:

  • expectant mothers
  • families with small children (What if you have fat kids? Then what?)
  • golf pro only
  • president / manager (One more way to rub it in to the working slobs)
  • hybrid vehicles (No shit, this is a brainwave of the folks at IKEA)

… and my personal favourite:

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What Is A Snowbird?

Those Pesky Snowbirds!

From time to time, you will see that I have referred to “snowbirds.” I should specify what I’m referring to when I use the term snowbird. If you check Wikipedia, there are several meanings for the term snowbird, for example:

  • an actual bird (dark-eyed junco)
  • a ski resort (Snowbird, Utah)
  • one of the Canadian Forces ‘Snowbirds’ (air demo team)
  • a song title by beloved Anne Murray
  • a northern resident of U.S. or Canada that stays for extended periods in the southern states

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