Critters Have Supernatural Powers

It’s the only explanation, really. There must be untold numbers of wild and domesticated animals that have learned and mastered hypnotic powers. They have charmed, bewitched, hypnotized or otherwise put spells on legions of people. And the numbers are growing.

If animules don’t have supernatural powers, then how else can you explain the way that otherwise intelligent humans are lured into doing the most ridiculous things on behalf of critters. This article exposes two groups of people with insidious, indelible spells cast upon them.

(1) PETA Piffle

(… or, ‘When Good Ideas Turn Bad’)

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization reminds me of the communist movement: it seemed like a good idea at the time.

They started out as a movement to stop animal abuse. Fair enough. But then they gained some momentum, started to attract a fanatical following, and became five times larger than the N. Korean People’s Army.

PETA parade vs. N. Korea parade

Which group seems likely to be entranced?

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Slideshow Hell on the Web

UNBELIEVABLE: How Donald Trump Turned Into Harrison Ford!

Did this photo or ‘sensational’ headline capture your attention? Did you click the “Begin Slideshow” banner or one of the arrows (fingers) and nothing happened? I’ll explain …

0h:1m (

Another Internet adventure started innocently, but turned into yet another colossal waste of time. It began on the Forbes website, as I was interested in some ‘news’. After suffering through their landing page (they assume that when you type “” in your browser, you don’t actually want to see the website. They know better; they impose their “Quote of the Day” landing page on you before you can see the website. Well, here’s a quote for you geniuses: Two forks in the eyeballs are better than one landing page.” You’re welcome! You are free to use that one).

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Laugh or Die

My guiding philosophy is laugh or die.
I ramble on about anything that seems unusual, funny, stupid, shocking or absurd … from an old fart’s point of view.
More (aboot me).

Let’s call a ‘Spade’ a ‘Hand Tool with a Long Handle and Pointy Blade.’

(Notice how I’ve tactfully avoided the use of the term ‘shovel’ in the title as it might offend those people who regularly dish out the doo-doo.)

A Promotional Poster Spotted Somewhere in The Centre of Canada:

Toronto blue jays vs. Cleveland

They Don’t Use the ‘I’ Word in Toronto

News this week (from a reliable source) has it that Blue Jays broadcaster Jerry Howarth, after receiving a fan letter in 1992, has since refused to use the word ‘Indian’ in broadcasts. After he revealed that, other media have hopped onto the politically-petrified language bandwagon. The Jerry reportedly has also stopped using other terms such as ‘tomahawk chop’ and ‘powwow on the mound.’

Baseball is a Mine Field of Insensitive Word Bombs

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