Coincidence? I Think Not.

WTF is going on here? As the maximum number of Canadian snowbirds are residing in the U.S., our dollar is worth about the same as the Iraqi Dinar. Then, as we start heading home in early spring, the dollar rockets against the USD. You tell me: is that a coincidence?

Conspiracy Theories (or, ‘whom to blame’)

So, what is the cause of this disturbing situation? Who did it, how, and why?

Well, I don’t have a clue about how, but I have my theories about who and why. These aren’t completely researched (or even well thought out), but I’m pretty sure there is some truth to them:

  • Who? OPEC countries. They purposely over-flooded the market with oil to drive down prices, thus, driving down our dollar. Why? OK, I haven’t fleshed this one out, but I don’t trust them.
  • Who? Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Why? They’re pissed at us older canucks for voting for the Conservatives for the last nine years.
  • Who? Obama Administration. Why? Americans are still mad at Canadians for sending them Justin Bieber (who can blame them?) so they want to drive us out of their country.
  • Who? Anheuser-Busch. Why? Snowbirds are drinking up their inventory of beer each winter, leaving scant supplies for the locals.
  • Who? The Donald. Why? Don’t know, but he’s being blamed for pretty much everything bad in America; I’m just hopping on the band wagon.
  • Who? ISIS.  Why? Do they really need a reason?

I would be interested in hearing any other theories you might have. I’m onto something big … just not sure what.

Old Dude