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UNBELIEVABLE: How Donald Trump Turned Into Harrison Ford!

Did this photo or ‘sensational’ headline capture your attention? Did you click the “Begin Slideshow” banner or one of the arrows (fingers) and nothing happened? I’ll explain …

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Another Internet adventure started innocently, but turned into yet another colossal waste of time. It began on the Forbes website, as I was interested in some ‘news’. After suffering through their landing page (they assume that when you type “” in your browser, you don’t actually want to see the website. They know better; they impose their “Quote of the Day” landing page on you before you can see the website. Well, here’s a quote for you geniuses: Two forks in the eyeballs are better than one landing page.” You’re welcome! You are free to use that one).

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My guiding philosophy is laugh or die.
I ramble on about anything that seems unusual, funny, stupid, shocking or absurd … from an old fart’s point of view.
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Top 10 Ways Old Men Are Like Babies

Life is like a bell curve in some ways: you start out with limited skills and knowledge; you make gains in these areas (hopefully), then peak at some point; finally, these qualities diminish as we get old. Here’s my top ten list of why old men are like babies:

  1. Most of them have little or no hair.
  2. They will nod off at any moment (regardless of what’s going on).

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(I found this bit of advice too late.)

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and to remove all doubt.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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