old dude portrait

old dude

More importantly, who’s responsible for this mess?

I’m Doug (‘old dude’), a flummoxed, feeble old fossil that likes to poke fun at other feeble old fossils.

I’m a tired, retired, canuck that winters in Arizona. I like to ramble on about seniors, aliens, aging, ear hair, beer, drivers, politicians, celebrities … oops, am I rambling?

Canadian Snowbird

I was born, raised—and retired—in the Prairies.  But it’s too fucking cold there in the winter, so my wife (Boss) and I flock to Arizona—with a million other flummoxed, feeble old fossils— every winter.

Boss told me that I can’t just sit around watching TV when I retire; she suggested that I find a hobby. I don’t think she had this in mind.

But Wazzup?

What’s this blog about? Check my Aboot page.

If you happen to find this blog useful or entertaining, then tell me. If you don’t, then tell my neighbour, Goombah (he appreciates attention of any kind).

Cheers, beers,
Old Dude!

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