Of course, every Canadian I know pronounces ‘about’ as ‘aboot.’ … NOT

About What?

What do people expect to see when they click on an ‘about’ page? The word ‘about’ by itself isn’t very useful, is it? Is the page about life? About dogs with three legs? About space, the final frontier? In this case the ‘about’ page seems to just ramble on painfully without being a bit helpful, doesn’t it? Have you noticed that there are more questions than statements on this subject?

Laugh or Die

OK, it’s really about laughing while I grow old (my mission statement). The only alternatives that I see are:

  • being miserable while I grow old (and lets face it, there are gajillions of old farts already doing that) or,
  • die (this definitely stops the laughing).

The ‘Focus’ of this Report

I will be reporting on (rambling about) anything that seems unusual, funny, stupid, shocking or absurd  …  from an old fart’s point of view. I like to poke fun of other old farts, but not exclusively.  My subjects may include: young people, politicians, other old farts, animals, animal owners, beer and drivers. Or, it may include none of the preceding.

I try to avoid the important, relevant or educational.


It should be apparent by now that I lied; there really is NO FOCUS to this report. And it’s not really a report – it’s more like a blog, really.

Why did I lie? Well, it’s usually the unintentional result of being stoopid, not the intentional, mischievous, deceitful type of lie (which takes some intelligence and forethought).

I blog about the ‘fun’ of growing old; I strive for the fresh, funny and fitting, but usually settle for the trite, tedious and tasteless.

But Who The Hell is ‘Old Dude?’

If you really want to know who is responsible for this mess, check out my Old Dude page.