In another fruitless attempt to avoid any meaningful activites (by making myself look busy on the computer), I decided to look at some TripAdvisor reviews.

Boss and I, when in Casa Grande, AZ (which is about 5 months every winter) have a favourite watering hole close to home: McMashers Bar & Grill. I try not to read other people’s reviews in case they influence my own weak opinions. But as I had just finished reading the rest of the internet and was bored, I thought that I would browse through TripAdvisor reviews.

McMashers Mashup

I came across some interesting quotes from customer reviews of McMashers. This selection left me more flummoxed than usual after I read them; they require further clarification or additional information, so I’ve added my comments in parentheses:

  • (a) “When we stepped in it was dark I could hardly see. Sports bar and fairly crowded.”; (b) “Only down side is that it is noisy.” (IT’S A SPORTS BAR PEOPLE. HELLO.)
  • “Lots of tvs and off track petting.” (I tried petting the blonde bartender, but she slapped me, so I’m not sure this claim is true).
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